life likes to play the same cruel prank over and over again on unsuspecting victims. it gives them hope. it allows them to think that things are looking up and just when they’re about to smile it smacks them in the face with another obstacle.

downfall after downfall.

it gets discouraging. so discouraging that you literally feel as if you’re broken, except E6000 won’t be able to fix it.

my only wish right now is that life gets bored with me and moves onto the next victim because, to be honest, i don’t think i can handle anymore falls. 

i’d actually like to get on my feet and walk in the sunshine again.


Converse 2014 Fall Chuck Taylor All-Star ‘Rubber’ Collection

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He really loved bullfighting, admired bullfighters. Very often at dinner we would have french rolls, and Jimmy would stick toothpicks in them. He’d have imaginary bullfights. - Beulah Roth

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